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Why won't he nap!!!

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Don't be too surprised that a man is responding to this - Dad's have experience too :-)

This is pretty normal - I endured it but worked through it.  I found that routine worked for my daughter.  Taking naps and going to bed at consistent times is important.  Reading a story beforehand relaxed her and got her ready for sleep.  You really have to refrain from entertainment (which is what they want) and let them relax.  Also, staying close by helps them feel secure (I used to sit in a chair near her crib until she fell asleep, but didn't engage her, otherwise I'd be there all night).

As a last resort:  One thing I - and several people I've known - have had luck with, is going for a drive in the car.  Always worked like a charm (but don't do it very often or you'll be doing it all the time).

Hope this helps.